So, I am somebody who has a lot of goals and expectations in my life. I’m somebody who never lets things like money or lack of something keep me from doing what I want to do. I have often found that there are good people in this world who are willing to help out an artist like myself, and so, I figured maybe it would be good to post a list of things I’m currently looking for or need, in order to do what it is that I do. Some of these things I just want for personal enjoyment. I think that’s okay to ask for personal stuff, yeah?
Anyway, this list will change, of course, as my life continues forward. If you want to get me any of these things, you can offer a donation by using the donate button below, or just privately message me via the contact form on this site to discuss getting me these things. I hope you’ll consider it! Thanks in advance if you do!


A new Republic of Gamers ASUS computer with a massive 2-6 TB hard drive (I don’t need this for gaming, but for all the video work I do and more)
New shoes
New clothes
Twinkies, regular kind
Fudge Rounds
Chi Chi’s salsa mild/medium with the gold top
Computer speakers
New Bedsheets and new blankets
The new Utada Hikaru CD
New Perfume CD
A mini-laptop to use while I’m out and about working.
A new computer printer. Mine is about to die
The Sopranos Box DVD Set all seasons
Silicon Valley Box DVD Set all seasons
Clannad full season anime series (Curious about it..)
The complete works of Makoto Shinkai (Anime. Again)
A subscription to the Masterclass website so I can learn a bunch of interesting shit
RPG MAKER, any edition, to begin working on the video game concept I have